Vytis JankauskasDancer, choreographer, teacher and one of the most intriguing creators of Lithuanian contemporary dance Vytis Jankauskas was born in Vilnius on September 23rd, 1968. From early years Vytis was interested in sports and arts and later, in his teenage years started break dancing. He was fascinated by the expression of movement provided by this dance and the possibility to combine two seemingly opposite poles – physical activity and artistic expression. Shortly, Vytis and a group of similarly thinking young people came together and as a dance group started performing break dance compositions in night clubs. It was the first experience of choreographer and dancer with professional dance stage. In 1987, the group won a champions’ title in the break dance championship of formerly Soviet Union which took place in Tallinn.

In 1991, upon return from military service Vytis Jankauskas founded a dance company Three from Vilnius which used break dance techniques yet defied accepted conventions of this dance to solve more serious aesthetic tasks. The Triptych, by far, is the best known composition by Three from Vilnius. The performance received lots of attention on both Lithuanian stage and abroad.

From 1994 V.Jankauskas travels, studies and dances abroad. He had the opportunity to study both American modern dance and Western European contemporary dance. Choreographer and dancer studied dance art under renowned US and Western Europe teachers, participated in creative workshops for young choreographers of Nordic countries, educational programme “Im Puls Tanz’99” (Vienna, Austria), and lectures by choreographers and mentors in Lithuania, Estonia, Poland and Germany. Also, he participated as a performer in performances by choreographers Frederic Lescure (France) and Royston Maldoom (UK).

Vytis Jankauskas still remembers his early movement skills and with an intake of new dance experiences has developed and continues to polish his style, working quietly and diligently. Dance performances Songs of Medieval Fellow (2000), Drowned Valley (2003), Message (2007), Vigil (2008) and others reflect choreographer’s pursuit of finding balance between the novelty of form and emotional impact.

Several past years are the years of creative maturity of both the choreographer and the company crowned by two Golden Stage Cross awards: dance performance Drowned Valley was awarded for the Best Choreography of 2003–2004, and another highest award for theatre excellence went to Vytis Jankauskas as the Best Choreographer for his work Vigil (2008–2009).

Vytis Jankauskas is highly valued as an outstanding teacher. As of 2007 Vytis Jankauskas has been teaching contemporary and jazz dance, and dance improvisation at the Department of Arts of Vilnius College. In 1995, choreographer opened a contemporary dance studio beside his Company. He has been teaching and choreographing in the studio ever since. Also, Vytis often organizes theoretical and practical dance workshops for dancers, choreographers and teachers in Lithuania and abroad.