Contemporary dance workshop with Igor Podsiadly and Maria Kuchowicz (Poland/Netherlands)

ClubGuyandRoni24-28 November 2010, Arts Printing House, III studio (Šiltadaržio skg. 6, Vilnius)


Workshop program


24 November, Wednesday

16:00-17:30 Contemporary dance B level

17:45-19:15 Contemporary dance A level


25-28 November, Thursday-Wednesday

10:00-11:30 Body conditioning AB level

11:45-13:15 Contemporary dance A level

13:30-15:00 Contemporary dance B level

15:15-16:45 Partnering AB level (priority to A level dancers)


A level - professional and advanced dancers.

B level - intermediate dancers, having contemporary dance experience of two or more years.


Igor Podsiadly, born in Poland, in 2008 graduated Rotterdamse Dansacademie (Netherlands), studied with teachers like Michael Schumacher, Klaus Jurgens, Johannes Randolf, Gabrielle Staiger, Jens Biedermann, Amy Raymond, Jess Curtis. Since 2005 - a member of dance company based in Netherlands Club Guy & Roni (choreographers Guy Weizman, Roni Haver). Teaching experience - company warm-up classes at Club Guy & Roni, repertoire and partnering at Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de  Kunsten, workshops for amateur and professional dancers in various countries.


Maria Kuchowicz  in 2004 graduated from The National Ballet School in Łódź, then continued her education at Anton Bruckner Privat Universtät in Linz (Austria). During the study she was a member of x.IDA Postgraduate Dance Company (Linz/ Austria), working with choreographers like: Esther Linley, Catherine Guerin, Oleg Soulimenko, Rose Breuss, Frans Poelstra, Teresa Ranieri, Liz King, Martin Sonderkamp. In 2008 She has been granted a  scholarship of BMUK (Bundesministerium fur Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur) In Viena. Currently lives and works as a dancer in Amsterdam (The Netherlands).


Body conditioning

Conditioning class consists of various exercices wich main target is to develop core stability, coordination, power and mobility of the body. It is designed as a phisical preparation for the further training in contemporary dance.


Contemporary dance

Starting on the floor with the release based exercises; the contemporary dance class evolves and ends up in explosive dance phrases using all height levels. The technical emphasis lies in the game of using full relaxation changing to tension in order to work most effectively within the own body possibilities. Awareness of the focus, body co-ordination and sensibility in articulation are other vital elements which will come to pass.

It is strongly advised to wear comfortable cloths with long sleeves and kneepads.



This course is introducing a method that allows performing various duet and trio work with a level of risk while still managing to re-gain control. In the sets of exercises and phrases the concepts of focus in partnering, manipulation of the body, saving from falling and spiral lifts are introduced.


The workshop is based on the research and repertoire of the international dance company Club Guy & Roni. (Netherlands/Israel).


Workshop price:

Contemporary dance (5 classes) - 100 Lt

Body conditioning or Partnering (4 classes) - 80 Lt

Contemporary dance & body conditioning or partnering (9 classes) - 160 Lt

Contemporary dance & body conditioning & partnering (13 classes) - 220 Lt

Single class - 30 Lt (only if places available!)
Number of participants is limited so please register in advance by e-mail Šis el.pašto adresas yra apsaugotas nuo Spam'o, jums reikia įjungti Javaskriptą, kad matytumėte tai Please indicate which classes and at what level you wish to attend and attach a short description of your dance experience. Organizers reserve a right to offer another level if the experience is not sufficient.

More information by phone +370 675 90206