Contemporary dance workshop with Katri Soini (Finland)

Katri_Soini_photo_Johanna_Tirronen19-23 October 2010, Arts Printing House, III studio (Šiltadaržio skg. 6, Vilnius)



October 19-23, Tuesday-Saturday


10:00-13:00 Contemporary dance A level (3 hours!)

13:15-14:45 Contemporary dance B level

A level - professional and advanced dancers.

B level - intermediate dancers, having contemporary dance experience of two or more years.


Katri Soini is a famous Finish dancer and an amazing dance teacher. She has performed as a visiting artist with the Helsinki Dance Company, and in a great number of contemporary dance works including creations by Kenneth Kvarnström, Arja Raatikainen, Tommi Kitti and others. She is one of the four founding members of Nomadi Productions, which was awarded the Finnish State Prize for Dance in 1999. Soini has a 5-year (2008-2012) State Artistic Grant for Dance. 
Katri Soini works also as a contemporary dance pedagogue for professionals and students in Finland and abroad.


Major tasks of the class:

The lessons consists of exercises and movement combinations, which aim to create and promote awareness of your own body and how it works. Soini´s main-interests are working towards appropriate use of energy in movement, breathing as an organic part of moving, understanding of gravity and clarity of spacial directions. Soini also wants to emphasize the importance of everybody´s own thinking and experience in movement.


Class structure:

The class starts with exercises for finding the right alignment of the body through breathing and releasing the superfical muscles, to connect to the bone structure and deeper, supporting muscle-layers. A lot of work is done in the floor level, in order to feel the gravity and find the ways of working from and with that awareness.

This work goes through the whole lesson as the class progresses towards more dynamic, spacially oriented, kinesteticly versatile and all-inclusive movement. The focus will be in the work towards an alert and open body, leading to awakeness and clear thinking in movement - dancing.


The style of the technique Soini is teaching, is a synthesis of  different traditions of contemporary dance, combined with the knowledge grown from her work as a dancer with various choreographers. It is based on Soini´s own experience of, insights into and requirements for dancer´s work.




Contemporary dance A level (5 classes) - 180 Lt

Contemporary dance B level (5 classes) - 100 Lt

1 class - 50 Lt (A level)/ 30 Lt (B level) (only if places are available!)


Number of participants is limited so please register in advance by e-mail Šis el.pašto adresas yra apsaugotas nuo Spam'o, jums reikia įjungti Javaskriptą, kad matytumėte tai Please indicate which classes and at what level you wish to attend and attach a short description of your dance experience. Organizers reserve a right to offer another level if the experience is not sufficient.

More information by phone +370 675 90206