Drowned Valley
Life is a play of shades, still reflection of objects in our soul are of a deep and intense reality.







Vytis Jankauskas

Giedrė Kirkilytė, Vytis Jankauskas

Rūta Biliūnaitė

Skirmantas Sasnauskas

23 min.

2003 05 09

Lithuanian Dance Information Centre

Awarded by the Ministry of Culture of Lithuania with the Golden Stage Crosses for the Best Choreography and Best Music for Theatre of the Year 2003.


“Working together, understanding each other’s thoughts and feelings, feeling and harmony of bodily senses, closeness and intimacy of relations allow acting tenderly, a bit sentimentally, elegantly, delicately and at the same time allow the audience to experience something more.”
Jelena Šalaj. 7 meno dienos, 19/12/2003

“Drowned Valley is about everything and nothing, about self-discovery, light and dark, true self and reflection of oneself. A very bright and warm piece. Communication between the dancers on stage and their improvisations resembled an all-encompassing mist.”
Vita Mozūraitė. Lietuvos rytas, 16/12/2003

“Both performers showcased a superb feel of each other – no other Lithuanian contemporary dance company has fostered the partnership characteristic to this duo.”
Vita Mozūraitė, Kultūros barai, 2003

“Crystal, ample and fresh music by Skirmantas Sasnauskas and a light impressionistic dance to match it, flowing freely in the black space of the Small Hall, hid from the viewer the great effort that was needed to deliver this choreographic piece to the audience.”
Helmutas Šabasevičius. www.omni.lt