Songs of Medieval Fellow





Vytis Jankauskas

Giedrė Kirkilytė, Vytis Jankauskas

Rūta Biliūnaitė

Skirmantas Sasnauskas

23 min.

2000 06 23

Created for the program “New Lithuanian Dance Project’00” with support from Culture and Sport Support Foundation.


“On stage, associative dance moves brought to light images of man-child, love-burden, love-consolation and salvation. Paraphrases of Pietа in the dance grew into a Sisyphean rock.”
Vitalija Truskauskaitė. Kauno diena, 16/10/2000

“Many wondered how a country with no tradition of contemporary dance, where it’s been long claimed that only ballet and stage folk dance were worth attention, had produced such an original piece. Dance critics and choreographers gave particular praise to company’s dancer Giedrė Kirkilytė whom they compared to a moon ray; many were surprised by the depths of Skirmantas Sasnauskas’ music.”
Vita Mozūraitė. Lietuvos rytas, 17/9/2002

“Never before grace and flow of movement were more perfect. Against the background of remarkable jazz music this couple of particular sensibility create a flow of movement which has no clear beginning or ending. Their dance unfolds like a long continuously flowing river able to fill its branches and channels – with no stops or interruptions.”
Menha el Batraoui. Al-Ahram (Egypt), 13/2/2008